Antony Worrall Thompson Breville Professional Breadmaker

The Antony Worrall Thompson Professional breadmaker is a mid to top range machine available at the moment. Priced at £83.99, the Worrall Thompson by Breville BR11 certainly isn’t one of the cheaper bread makers available. The question is whether it lives up to this big price tag.

In fact, the recommended retail price for buying an Antony Worrall Thompson bread maker is £108.99 so in reality it has an even larger price tag to justify. There are some great bread making and baking options included in the package though so it shouldn’t be written off immediately.

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Features and specifications

  • The first thing that stands out is the 69 different kneading and baking options that the Antony Worrall Thompson Professional breadmaker comes with. While this might sound like a lot – and it is – in reality there are only 12 actual programmes to use for creating different types of bread. There’s also the standard option to create dough and jam as well as a setting to bake pasta. This makes the Worrall Thompson breadmaker a good all round machine for the kitchen
  • Another feature included in the Antony Worrall Thompson professional breadmaker is the ability to dispense fruit and nuts into the mix whenever necessary. There is a beeper to tell you when they need to be included meaning you can bake fruit and nut loafs should you wish.
  • One feature that isn’t common to many other bread makers on the market is the Breville’s ability to make a continental style of bread. This is called the “crispy bread” program and allows for more control when it comes to baking the crust.
  • A feature that will be commonly used is the Breville’s function to delay baking by 15 hours should you wish to wake up to freshly baked bread in the morning. There is also a fast bake option if you need bread urgently and are willing to sacrifice a bit of quality in order to get it. On the same note, the Antony Worrall Thompson breadmaker comes with a built in protection for power loss which is handy – especially if you regularly have power cuts in your area.
  • Other features include the ability to bake a loaf of several different sizes, control the colour and texture of the crust and a free recipe book to go with it.

What people are saying about the Antony Worrall Thompson Breville Professional Breadmaker

Response is mixed to this particular breadmaker. On Amazon, in fact, it has only received an average of 2 stars. Some of the people who’ve bought it complain of it developing faults after baking only a few loaves of bread whilst others find that it’s difficult to use.

There are, however, positive reviews too that say that it makes great bread every time and has lasted years without problems. It seems that there is a certain amount of luck involved when it comes to buying an Antony Worrall Breville breadmaker – you might get a good one or you might not.
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