Breville BR11 Professional Breadmaker

The Breville BR11 Professional breadmaker is a mid-high range bread machine that’s capable of baking a wide range of different loaves. As you’d expect from a high priced machine, you are given a lot of control over your bread. This Breville BR11 Professional breadmaker review will go through a list of the products most important features, as well as what other people have been saying about the bread machine.

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Features of the Breville BR11 Professional breadmaker

  • As you’d expect from a mid-high range bread machine, the Breville BR11 has a large number of different programs. In fact, the company claim that there are 68 different baking and kneading options. There are also 12 automatic settings and programmes, ranging from normal bread through to dough and jam. There is also a “continental” crispy program, which is achieved through an extended option to create a browner crust.
  • If you want a bit more variety to your bread, the Breville BR11 Professional breadmaker comes with an automatic nut and fruit dispenser. This has a beeper to let you know when it needs to be used.
  • The Breville BR11 Professional breadmaker comes with a Smartbake system for programmable memory.
  • Like most high quality bread machines, the Breville BR11 comes with a rapid bake setting. This is perfect if you need to finish a loaf of bread quickly. There is also a 15 hour delay timer – longer than most of the alternatives – which is great for leaving overnight.
  • Other features include a power interruption system, ability to control the darkness of the crust and three different loaf sizes (up to 1.25kg).
  • Antony Worrall Thompson’s recipe book is included with the Breville BR11.

Breville BR11 Professional Breadmaker Reviews

To say that reviews of the Breville BR11 Professional breadmaker are mixed is probably an understatement. There is no doubt that the machine comes with a number of different features, and has an impressive array of settings. Some people have had problems with the breadmaker though, claiming that it’s difficult to get good results, or that it breaks down much too quickly. The BR11 does comer with a limited warranty, but if it breaks outside of this period then you have no comeback.

There are, however, a number of people who praise the Breville BR11 Professional breadmaker. Many owners have used the breadmaker for a long period of time and have had no problems, so it is definitely a machine to consider.

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