Breville VBM003 Breadmaker (auto bake)

The Breville VBM003 Auto-Bake Breadmaker is a budget machine that features a number of functions that make it an attractive option. These include a digital display making reading and setting the correct settings easy, different loaf sizes and a number or programs. Although the machine certainly isn’t the best on the market, it is good value for many and bakes a decent loaf of bread. The price of the Breville VBM003 Auto-Bake Breadmaker is only £50, which is less than half the price of other machines on the market.[phpzon asin="B002BWOLS2" country="UK" trackingid="wiuk-21" templatename="asin"]

Specification and features

Here are some of the top features of the Breville VBM003 bread maker.

  • 12 different settings allow you to bake exactly the type of loaf that you want. Although there aren’t as many programs as other bread makers, there are more than enough for most people. Make sure you check the program to check your favourite is included before you buy though.
  • The Breville VBM003 Auto-Bake bread maker has the ability to bake three different loaf sizes. This is essential if you have a large family but don’t want to bake a large loaf every time.
  • The bread pan is dishwasher safe which is a bonus, and the kneading blades are non stick for convenience.
  • The fastbake feature allows you to cook a loaf of bread in less than an hour. This is very quick, even compared to some of the more expensive bread makers on the market at the moment.

What people say about the Breville VBM003 Auto-Bake Breadmaker

Although the Breville VBM003 is a budget breadmaker you shouldn’t be put off, especially if you just want a simple machine to bake bread with. At only £50 it represents a good, middle of the range option. People who bought the breadmaker were generally impressed with the machine itself, but the recipe book may not be up to scratch. For this reason it’s a good idea to buy a recipe book separately.[phpbay]Breville VBM003, 4, “”, “paddle”[/phpbay]

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