Farmhouse Baker bread maker

When it comes to baking bread the Farmhouse Baker bread maker definitely isn’t one of the most well known models available. Competing with giants of the bread making world such as Morphy Richards, Panasonic and Kenwood isn’t easy, so why should you go for a Farmhouse Baker bread maker instead of any of the others? The simple reason is that the Farmhouse Baker model is much cheaper than some of the larger company’s offerings. If you aren’t sure whether bread making is for you then spending £30 will seem much more appealing than closer to £100.

Note: The Farmhouse Baker bread maker has been discontinued on Amazon, but you may be interested in the Kenwood BM256 breadmaker instead:

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Features and Specifications

As you’d expect from a budget bread maker there aren’t a huge number of extra features. You might be surprised to learn that the Farmhouse Baker bread maker does have some more advanced settings which may be of use.

  • For example, the Farmhouse Baker bread maker comes with 12 different programmes for baking different types of bread. This means you’ll be able to bake a variety of different bread textures, tastes and style.
  • There is also a jam making mode which allows you to cook jam in the bread maker. There is also a setting which allows you to cook pizza bases and dough for croissants.
  • The baking pan is non-stick. You’d expect this from a bread maker as it’s an important feature but something which is still worth mentioning.
  • Another bonus is that the Farmhouse Baker bread maker is relatively compact. This means that it’ll fit into smaller spaces and won’t take up so much work space in the kitchen.
  • A programmable starting time feature allows you to set and forget your bread making and come back later for a finished loaf.
  • A large viewing window helps you to decide how long the bread will take to finish.

As you can tell, even though the Farmhouse Baker bread maker is a budget model it still has enough features to be useful. If you’re on a strict budget then it’s definitely worth considering.[phpbay]bread maker, 3, “”, “”[/phpbay]

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1 Response to Farmhouse Baker bread maker

jeffrey watkins

July 17th, 2012 at 11:59 am

my farmhouse baker bread maker oven bakes the bread to nearly the finished loaf then switches its self start again eg. set for 2lb loaf when nearly finished goes to 1lb setting and starts to knead making a hole in bottom of doughy loaf, anyone with any ideas or simular problems that can help please thankyou

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