Kenwood BM256 Breadmaker

The Kenwood BM256 bread maker is one of the lower priced breadmakers on the market at the moment at only £60 (less, if you can find a good deal). What do you get for your money though? And is it worth the cost? In this article I’ll be exploring the BM256 in more detail to help you make up your own mind about whether it’s what you’d like to use to bake a loaf of bread.

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Features and specifications

  • You wouldn’t expect a huge amount of top of the range features from a budget bread maker although there are certainly enough programmes to keep you going. In total there are 13 bread baking programmes to allow you to cook a number of different types of bread. There’s also options for making jam and cakes although these are relatively standard for modern bread makers.
  • The Kenwood BM256 also comes with the ability to fast bake a loaf in less than an hour. 58 minutes to be exact. While this may not be as tasty as loaves that take longer to bake it’s certainly handy if you’ve run out of bread and need some for a meal. It also means that if you feel like a freshly baked loaf you don’t have to wait hours to get it.
  • The 15 hour timer is also useful although again it’s a relatively standard feature for modern bread makers. What it means is that you can set a loaf of bread to cook overnight and have it ready for you when you wake up. Once you’ve had fresh bread for toast in the morning you’ll never want to go back to supermarket loaves!
  • If there’s a power cut then some bread makers will just stop of restart the programme when it comes back on. There is an 8 minutes timer which allows the Kenwood BM256 to restart if it loses power which can also be useful.

As you can tell, there is no stand out or unique features of the Kenwood BM256 breadmaker but that doesn’t mean it isn’t any good. In fact, for the money you can’t go far wrong by buying one.

What people are saying about the Kenwood BM256

On the whole, most people are fond of the BM256 and think it bakes a tasty loaf of bread. Although the BM256 isn’t the most attractive option on the market there is nothing wrong with the way it looks and it’ll fit into most situations. Most of the time it comes with a stainless steel sides and a white lid.

The other common praise given to the Kenwood BM256 breadmaker is that it has a large number of options – especially considering the low price.
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