Kenwood BM350 Breadmaker

The Kenwood BM350 breadmaker is a mid range offering from one of the world’s biggest kitchen appliance manufacturers. Some of the features include a 58 minute fast bake system, convection fan to provide a “crisper” textured bread and a variety of different programmes for baking a range of different breads. This Kenwood BM350 breadmaker review will go through the features of the bread machine, before talking about what people are saying about the product.

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Features of the Kenwood BM350 breadmaker

  • The Kenwood BM350 breadmaker comes with s stylish stainless steel design. It looks well built, sleek and attractive, which is important for any bread machine. It is quite a large machine however, so if you’re stuck for space you may want to consider a more compact bread maker.
  • There are 14 different programmes available. These include a programmer for baking jam and special dough, as well as all the standard breads which you’d expect/
  • The Kenwood BM350 breadmaker comes with a 58 minute rapid bake system, allowing you to quickly and easily bake a light loaf of bread. On the other hand, there is a 12 hour delay timer which is perfect for overnight baking. If you need longer than 12 hours, then you’ll need to get a different machine, although this should be long enough for most people. There is also an hour long “keep warm” feature.
  • Other features include an 8 minute power interruption system, ability to choose between three different crust settings and the choice between three different loaf sizes. The Kenwood BM350 breadmaker is capable of baking loaves up to 1kg and down to 500g.

As you can tell, the Kenwood BM350 breadmaker doesn’t have any stand-out features, but it does everything you’d expect from a high quality bread machine.

Kenwood BM350 breadmaker reviews

Reviews of the Kenwood BM350 breadmaker are generally very good. The good points include the high quality rapid bake program (which is especially useful when you want to bake a light loaf of bread), the ability to produce a range of different types of bread and the simplicity of use. There are a few downsides though, including that the Kenwood BM350 breadmaker is a relatively large machine and that it can be quire noisy. Overall though, the BM350 is a fantastic choice if you want a high quality bread maker for a reasonable price.
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