Kenwood are a kitchen appliance company that manufacture a range of different breadmakers including the BM450, BM250 and the BM256. Since the 1950’s Kenwood have built up a reputation for being a high quality and affordable kitchen appliance company and the same can be said about their bread makers. This guide will take you through some of the more common Kenwood breadmakers that are available – please use the categories on the right hand side to see reviews of specific models.

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Kenwood BM450 Bread Maker

The Kenwood BM450 is a middle-to-high range offering from the company and has received positive reviews from many of its users. Some of the features included an automatic dispenser for ingredients, a number of different programs to suit your bread making needs and a rapid bake setting. This feature allows you to bake a loaf of bed in just under an hour – perfect if you ened it for a meal or just feel like eating a fresh loaf!

The BM450 is also a modern breadmaker in that it comes with touchscreen buttons which helps to make selecting the right program and settings easier. The bread pan is also non-stick which is a major advantage – there’s nothing worse than having a loaf of bread ruined because it stuck to the pan!

At around £90 the Kenwood BM450 is by no means cheap but isn’t the most expensive model on the market either. It’s definitely an option to consider when buying a new bread maker.

Kenwood BM250 Bread Maker

The Kenwood BM250 is a cheaper bread maker than the BM450 and hence doesn’t have the same level of features. That doesn’t mean, however, that it isn’t an effective and high quality machine. Included are 12 different baking programmes to create a range of different breads including croissants, pasta and pizza. There is also a setting to make jam which is very useful. You can also bake the bread in three different sizes ranging from 500g to 1kg.

Another feature included with the BM250 is the ability to change the colour of the crust you bake. If you have members of the family who are fussy about what the crust looks like then this can be a very useful feature!
The BM250 also comes with the quick-bake function allowing you to bake a loaf of bread in under an hour. At the opposite end of the spectrum there is also a 15 hour delay timer so you can bake bread overnight without having to worry about it burning.

At £55 the Kenwood BM 250 breadmaker is a bargain and, like the BM450, should definitely be considered.

Kenwood BM256

As you’d expect from its number the Kenwood BM256 bread maker is a slightly enhanced version of the BM250 and hence it’s priced a bit higher at around £70. For your money you ge4t some extra programmes to create different breads along with all the features of the BM250.

Another feature is the hour long keep-warm ability to make sure the bread is the right temperature when you take it out he bread making machine.
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