Morphy Richards 48248 Bread Maker

The Morphy Richards 48248 Bread Maker has 10 program options. It has a timer so can be programmed to start overnight, an essential feature for those who like to wake to the aroma of freshly baked bread. The digital programmer is easy to use and touch buttons easy to wipe clean. There are a variety of settings including basic breads, speciality breads, cakes and even jam. The programs vary according to time and density of the bread. For example, the French bread setting is for a lighter bread with a crispy crust whereas the sandwich bread setting may have a thicker crust. The machine can also be programmed for 3 crust types, light, medium and dark. Baking in bread machines usually requires a little experimentation for preferred crust and texture but great results are relatively easy to achieve.

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There are many recipes included with the Morphy Richards 48248 Bread Maker. The recipe section of the instruction booklet is easy to follow and the machine includes a measuring cup and spoon. Simply measure and fill the pan with ingredients, attach the blade then put the filled pan into the machine. The required program is noted in the recipe and you can choose which size loaf and which crust you would like. The average bread recipe takes around 3 hours from start to finish and there is an optional up to 60 minute ‘keep warm’ setting

The Morphy Richards 48248 Bread Maker includes information and recipes for gluten free bread. Gluten free breads from grocery stores can be very expensive and vary in quality so a good bread machine is considered essential in gluten free baking.

The Morphy Richards 48248 Bread Maker is compact in design so uses less counterspace than most bread machines. It is also fairly sleek looking so could be kept on the counter rather than hidden away at the back of the cupboard with your rarely used appliances. The machine makes two different sized loaves, a 1 pound and 1.5 pound. There are bread machines that make bigger loaves but obviously, bigger loaf, bigger machine. I think ease of use is important so would be more likely to use the machine often and not need a larger loaf.

This model has a 2 year guarantee with the usual stipulations, for example that it has been used according to instructions and damage is not caused by mis-use or accident.

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