Morphy Richards 48248 Graphite

The Morphy Richards 48248 Graphite is a popular breadmaker that retails for around £99. If you know where to look you may be able to find the bread machine with up to 50% off though so it definitely pays to look around. Morphy Richards are one of the most well-recognised and liked companies in the UK when it comes to all sorts of bread machines including the 48248. It’s important to know exactly what the capabilities of the Morphy Richards 48248 Graphite are before you buy so that you can be sure it’s the right model for you.

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Specifications and features

These are some of the notable features of the Morphy Richards 48248:

  • Creating the perfectly shaped loaf is probably the hardest part of using a bread machine. For this reason the Morphy Richards 48248 comes with a collapsible kneading blade to allow you to easily shape the loaf.
  • There are two loaf sizes that can be baked with the Morphy Richards 48248 – 1lb and 1.5lb. There is no option for a 2lb loaf which may put some people off as this is a feature common to a number of other breadmakers including the Morphy Richards 48271.
  • There are, however, ten different programmes which allow you to bake a number of different types of bread. Apart from white bread and wholemeal you can also use the breadmaker to bake cakes and even make jam.
  • Like other Morphy Richards models the 48248 comes with a setting to control how dark the bread’s crust is. There are three different settings – dark, medium and light. Although this means you’re still somewhat restricted when it comes to crust colour it does at least give you some choice.
  • There is also a signal for when you need to add different ingredients. This takes a lot of the guesswork out baking a load of bread using a bread machine.

What people are saying about the Morphy Richards 48248 Graphite

Generally, reviews from people who’ve used the Morphy Richards 48248 Graphite are relatively positive. For example, many people are impressed with how easily you can make a delicious loaf of bread using this machine. Other people are pleased with how small the machine is although this is largely due to the fact that it can’t bake a 2lb loaf. If you want to start bread making in your spare time then the Morphy Richards 48248 Graphite is definitely a bread machine which you should consider.
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