Morphy Richards 48267 Fastbake Breadmaker

The Morphy Richards 48267 is a medium-high range bread maker manufactured by one of the UK’s most famous kitchen appliance companies. The recommended retail price of the Morphy Richards 48267 Fastbake breadmaker is £120 but it’s currently available on for much less than this – sometimes at half price. This 48267 Fastbake review will go through some of the advantages of the bread machine as well as some reasons why you may want to consider another option.[phpzon keywords="morphy richards 48267" num="2" country="UK" searchindex="Kitchen" trackingid="wiuk-21" sort="salesrank" templatename="default" paging="true"]

With our lives becoming more and more hectic it’s important to be able to bake bread quickly and efficiently if you plan on doing it often. For this reason fastbake machines such as the 48267 are often very popular.

Features and Specification

One of the more interesting features of all the Morphy Richards fastbake series machines is that they come with a kneading blade. This allows you to shape the loaf you want to eat perfectly. There’s nothing more satisfying then taking out shapely and tasty loaf from the bread machine and the Morphy Richards 48267 makes it easy – and quick – to achieve this.

There are 12 different settings on this breadmaker making it possible to bake a range of different loaves. One of these settings is fastbake. You should be aware that when using the fastbake setting you probably won’t achieve the same quality of bread but it’ll certainly be a lot quicker.

One of the great pleasures in life is waking up to the smell of freshly baked bread, but unless you want to stay up all night baking this usually isn’t possible. The Morphy Richards 48267 comes with a 13 hour timer which allows you to programme exactly when the machine should start baking the bread. This allows you to set it running and leave it overnight without worrying about the bread being burned.

Another problem with other bread machines is that it can be difficult to know when to add the ingredients. The 48267 has a beeper which tells you when the next ingredients are required which takes all guesswork out of baking bread.

What people are saying about the Morphy Richards 48267 Fastbake Breadmaker

Most reviews of the 48267 are positive with many people talking ab0out how tasty the bread it produces is. There are some comments that say it’s difficult to bake a perfectly formed loaf due to the fact that it bakes in an upright position although this is an isolated comment.
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