Morphy Richards 48271 Accents Stainless Steel

The Morphy Richards 48271 Accents stainless steel model costs around £100 (although you can find some great deals on Amazon) and is one of the most popular breadmakers available at the moment. Morphy Richards have a reputation for stylish and high quality breadmakers and the 48271 certainly isn’t a letdown in that respect. Here’s our Morphy Richards 48271 review.[phpzon keywords="Morphy Richards 48271" num="3" country="UK" searchindex="Kitchen" trackingid="wiuk-21" sort="salesrank" templatename="default" paging="true"]

Specifications and features

Some of the most exciting and useful features of the Morphy Richards 48271 include:

  • A fastbake setting. This allows you to bake bread extra quickly in case you need it urgently for a meal. Fastbake settings are especially useful if you need to quickly bake a loaf of bread for guests that are coming round.
  • 12 different settings and programs to bake the loaf of bread you want each and every time.
  • A viewing window allows you to see how far the programme has got and how long is left before the bread is ready to eat.
  • Crust colour settings allow you to adjust how dark the crust is. Children love this setting because it means you can bake soft crusts.
  • A programmable timer is available so you can set when you want the bread to be finished by.
  • You don’t just have to use the Morphy Richards 48271 to bake bread – you can also use it to make jam and cakes. If you love cooking but want a faster and more efficient way of doing it then this is incredibly useful.
  • A keep warm function allows you to retain the heat of the bread, cake or jam without burning it by accident.
  • A 2 year warranty means you can be safe and secure in the knowledge that if something goes wrong you’ll be able to get a replacement for free. The power rating of the Morphy Richards 48271 is 600W.

What people are saying about the Morphy Richards 48271 Accents

From looking at reviews across the internet it’s clear that many people like and enjoy using the Morphy Richards 48271. Some people complain that the bread machine is too large and hence can’t fit easily on a counter although not many think that this is a major problem. Also, you can make bread of three different sizes up to 2lb so to accommodate this a larger machine is needed.

Other potential problems include the fact that the power cord is relatively short and the stainless steel is difficult to keep clean. These are all minor problems though as the Morphy Richards 48271 accents stainless steel is both good to look at and easy to use when baking a loaf of bread.

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