Morphy Richards 48282 Coolwall Breadmaker

The Morphy Richards 48282 Coolwall Breadmaker is a mid-range machine from one of the largest bread maker manufacturers in the world. It is a graphite colour, which may not suit all kitchens, but comes with a range of different programs and features. This Morphy Richards 48282 breadmaker review will go through the features of the product, as well as what people have thought of it once they’ve bought it.

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If you own a Morphy Richards 48282 Coolwall bread machine, or are thinking of buying one, then please feel free to ask questions or leave feedback in the comments section below.

Morphy Richards 48282 Coolwall Breadmaker Specifications

  • The Morphy Richards 48282 is built to be easy to use, and it performs this function well. All you need to do is put the ingredients for the bread in the machine, set the correct settings and let it do its thing!
  • Three different loaf sizes are available – up to 2lbs – allowing you to bake a loaf that’s the right size for your family or occasion.
  • A fastbake setting is included with the machine, which is perfect for baking a loaf of bread quickly and easily.
  • 12 programmes in total, giving you variety when it comes to the bread you bake
  • A large viewing window for ensuring that everything is going smoothly.
  • The Morphy Richards 48282 Coolwall Breadmaker also comes with a measuring spoon, cup  and a book of recipes. You may want to consider buying a specialist bread making book, however, as these often have a better and more varied set of recipes.

Morphy Richards 48282 Coolwall Breadmaker Reviews

It’s important to check reviews of any product before you decide to buy, as the breadmaker with the best specifications may not always provide the best performance. IN general, the Morphy Richards 48282 Coolwall bread maker has been well received. It looks good, although there is sometimes a problem with the blade becoming stuck in the bread. There are lots of Morphy Richards 48282 Coolwall breadmaker deals available at the moment, so if you can get it for a cheap price then it may be the perfect choice.
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