Panasonic SD-2500 WXC Automatic Breadmaker Review

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  • Three loaf sizes
  • Gluten free program
  • Very tasty bread!

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The Panasonic SD-2500 WXC automatic breadmaker is the slightly cheaper cousin of the excellent Panasonic SD-2501WXC, but still has a variety of high-end features. It’s similar in design to other Panasonic breadmakers, essentially a white machine with rounded sides, and is capable of a number of different types of loaves. The breadmaker, for example, is able to bake nine different types of bread, as well as jam. It also has a gluten free mode for those who need it.

Like the Panasonic SD-2501 WXC, Panasonic SD-2500 WXC reviews have been very positive.

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Features of the Panasonic SD-2500 WXC

  • The Panasonic SD-2500WXC bread maker is able to make nine different types of bread and dough, including brioche, rye and pizza dough. Its gluten free program is also a bonus. The Panasonic SD-2500 WXC doesn’t come with a nut or raisin dispenser – for that you’ll need the Panasonic SD-2501 WXC.
  • One of the best things about having a bread maker is that it allows you to provide for you and your families dietary requirements. The Panasonic SD-2500 WXC makes changing the amount of salt, sugar and other substances straightforward.
  • A common problem with cheaper bread machines is that they only allow for one size of loaf. Most people need different sizes for different occasions, which is why the Panasonic SD-2500 WXC bread machine is capable of producing three different loaf sizes.
  • Other features of the Panasonic SD-2500 WXC breadmaker include a jam and compote mode, rapid option for when you need bread quickly and a delay timer so you can have bread ready when you wake up or come home from work.
  • Panasonic breadmakers are considered the best in the business, so you can be sure about the quality of the Panasonic SD-2500 WXC.

Panasonic SD-2500 WXC Reviews

Nearly all Panasonic SD-2500 WXC reviews have been positive about the product, with buyers happy with the quality of bread and ease of use. Here are some of the good points mentioned in reviews.

  1. The Panasonic SD-2500 WXC is said to bake very high quality and tasty bread
  2. Capable of producing a variety of different types of bread, including white, French and granary
  3. The texture of baked bread is light and fluffy
  4. A bonus is that the Panasonic SD-2500 WXC bread maker instruction manual also comes with a number of recipes

The main downside of the Panasonic SD-2500 WXC is that it doesn’t come with a nut and fruit dispenser. This isn’t a major problem for most people, however, and it does mean that the machine is cheaper.

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