Panasonic SD-256WXC Automatic Breadmaker With Gluten Free Program

The Panasonic SD-256WXC Automatic breadmaker with gluten free program is one of the most popular models on the market at the moment. Along with the Panasonic SD-257, it is one of the only bread machines to come with a program specifically for gluten free bread. Don’t be fooled though, this bread maker is a great all round product with a number of different features. Although the Panasonic SD-256WXC breadmaker isn’t the cheapest bread machine on the market, it has so many features that it’s definitely worth thinking about.

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Panasonic SD-256WXC Features

  • The SD-256 is capable of cooking bread in three different size loaves. Strangely, these range from M to XL rather than S to L, but the effect is the same.
  • It also comes with a diamond-clouro covered breadpan
  • An essential feature of the Panasonic SD-256WXC is the 13 hour digital delay tier, which is perfect if you want to leave your loaf of bread overnight and wake up to a freshly cooked breakfast.
  • As you’d expect from a high quality machine, the SD-256 breadmaker has several options for controlling the crust darkness and texture.
  • Along with all the standard programmes that you’d expect to be included, the Panasonic SD-256WXC also comes with a pizza dough program.
  • There is also a rapid bake option which is useful if you’re in a hurry.

From the feature list, it’s easy to see that the Panasonic SD-256WXC has a wide range of different features and can match pretty much any other bread maker on the market at the moment. It’s still important to read Panasonic SD-256WXC reviews though, so you can be sure that it lives up to expectations!

Panasonic SD-256WXC Reviews

Luckily, the Panasonic SD-256WXC Automatic breadmaker has been very well received by people who’ve bought it. Many people talk about the ease of use, which is essential for a breadmaker, as well as how straightforward the timer settings are. It’s extremely easy to start baking your first loaf within minutes of first loading up the machine.

There are some problems however. The price may be a put off for some – although Amazon offer some great Panasonic SD-256WXC deals at the moment – and the machine is said to be quite slow when baking. These are very minor problems though, so the Panasonic SD-256WXC is an essential purchase if you need a gluten free program, and a very good breadmaker for anyone else.
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