Panasonic SD254 Breadmaker

Bread makers have been around for since the mid 1980s and have come along way. The bread produced from these machines is quite up to par and often much better tasting when compared to supermarket bread brands. Most of us simply do not have enough time to make our own bread from scratch and frequenting your local baker every day can get quite expensive. The Panasonic SD254 Bread Maker is designed to take the labor out of baking while consistently producing high quality bread.
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The Panasonic SD254 Bread Maker features 8 types of baking options, a programmable timer and a recipe book. The baking pan is coated with a non stick surface that makes cleaning quite easy. The Panasonic SD254 Bread Maker can produce many different varieties of bread. Special diet needs such as gluten free bread, 100% whole meal, low salt or high fiber breads all can all be produced. Specialty breads that require extra ingredients to be added at certain time intervals are handled with a special timer can be set to alert the user when to add nuts, raisins, etc. The dough processing functions can also be set to create croissants, buns, rolls and of course, pizza dough. There are different crust settings as well so you can bake crustier breads such as a French stick.

The Panasonic SD254 Bread Maker has some nice advantages for the user. If you forget to plan ahead and need an emergency loaf of bread, there is an option that can produce one in less than 2 hours. The biggest advantage of the Panasonic SD254 Bread Maker is how simple it is to use. From children who wish to help to a busy chef, Panasonic has really put in the time to create a well thought out design. Programming a bread maker to have warm, fresh bread when you wake up has never been simpler.

The biggest complaints regarding the Panasonic SD254 Bread Maker is the length of time required to produce a loaf bread. To be fair, most of the waiting time has to do with the rising times in the recipes but there are quicker bread makers available. Another issue some customers have with the machine is the volume of the timer and alerts. Some customers that are baking raisin breads also use another timer as backup.

The warranty for the Panasonic SD254 Bread Maker is good for one year after purchase.

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