Panasonic SD255 Bread Maker

In days gone by bread making was considered to be an art and a time-consuming intensive procedure, but that has all changed with the coming of the bread maker. Now it is a relatively easy process and a bread maker can make anyone look like a professional.

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The Panasonic SD255 bread maker is the best choice for those who make a lot of bread and still want to save time, and because this bread maker is so easy to operate owners can learn how to bake bread in about thirty minutes, beginning with putting the bread in the pan, adding the necessary measured ingredients and turning it on. This bread maker has baking choices for any one of seven breads including rye, for which it has a second set of rotator mixers, whole wheat, sandwich, Italian, French, and gluten-free or basic. The Panasonic SD255 also has other innovative features like making the correct crust colour and an automatic nut and dried fruit dispenser which relieves the user of having to watch the time to know when these final ingredients should be added. It has also received user commendations for it slim line size and for the fact that “it’s very very easy to clean and quick to bake.” Another owner comments that “Panasonic also throws in the capability of this bread maker to make and bake pizzas, how cool is that! But it really does not stop there because there is still the feature that allows one to bake cakes and fudges.”

On the Panasonic website users of the Panasonic SD255 have shared what they consider to be areas of concern or minor disadvantages. Two disadvantages cited for this bread maker were mentioned by more than one user or reviewer and their concern was that the “display light doesn’t have a back light,” and another owner commented that the “tin does get very hot and can be tricky not to burn your fingers.” Another user was unhappy that there was “no delayed timer for dough, [it[ takes a while to get going – I assume it is warming the ingredients to an optimum temperature, the buzzer is very quiet, and it doesn‘t have a delayed timer option for dough.”

Panasonic SD255 bread makers, greatly appreciated by most users, come with a free one year guarantee which for a fee, can be extended to a five year warranty.

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