Rachel Allen RA-BM1

The Rachel Allen RA-BM1 is a budget bread making machine at only £45. Although it isn’t the most expensive bread maker available it has a certain level of style with a luminous blue lid and LCD display. This may not suit everyone’s tastes of course – but is certainly an eye catching machine. This Rachel Allen RA-BM1 fastbake breadmaker review will focus more on the abilities and features of the machine rather than the looks though.[phpzon asin="B00275G0KK" country="UK" trackingid="wiuk-21" templatename="asin" reviewsort="-OverallRating"]

Firstly, who exactly is Rachel Allen? If you haven’t heard of her before she’s a professional TV chef as well as a food journalist. She also writes a number of books about cooking.

Features and Specifications

As you’d expect from a modern bread machine with a relatively low price tag there are no unique or stand out features to the Rachel Allen RA-BM1. That doesn’t mean it can’t do its job well though. If you want a machine that will provide you with a tasty loaf then there is no reason not to go for this model.

Some of the features of the RA-BM1 include:

  • An ability to bake two different sized loaves, a 1.5lb and a 2.lb. You should consider carefully whether you need a larger number of options when it comes to baking bread as some machines have the ability to bake 1lb loaves. Most of the time a 1.5lb loaf is the perfect size though and the 2lb loaf is great if you have a large family or guests.
  • There are eleven programmes included in the machine to make different types of bread. These programmes include all the standard settings such as wholemeal and white bread although there is also an option to produce rye bread. You can also make jam using the bread machine.
  • Like many other bread machines in this price bracket the Rachel Allen RA-BM1 uses a beeper to let you know when ingredients are needed. This is useful if you want to add seeds or nuts to the mix as it means you won’t have to guess when they need to be added.
  • There is an LCD screen and a window for viewing the bread included with the machine. This allows you to quickly and easily see how long the loaf of bread will take to be finished.

What people say about the Rachel Allen RA-BM1

The retro colours and luminous lighting are popular amongst people who’ve bought the RA-BM1. You need to think carefully about whether this will suit the existing style of your kitchen though. Other reviewers praise the fact that the bread machine is solid and does what it’s meant to without being more complicated than necessary. There are some complaints that the bread is difficult o remove from the pan when it’s finished cooking.
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