Russell Hobbs 12683 Breadman Breadmaker

At £99.99RRP the Russell Hobbs 12683 Breadman breadmaker is not one of the cheaper models available. Although the brushed stainless steel finish along with a hint of silver will look fantastic in a number of different situations the most important thing is how well it performs as a bread maker. This review will talk about the functions it includes as well as what people who’ve bought have to say about the machine.[phpzon asin="B000ARK75Q" country="UK" trackingid="wiuk-21" templatename="asin"]

Features and Specifications

The Russell Hobbs 12683 breadmaker comes with all the things you’d expect from a high-priced bread machine. That means it has a lot of programmes, a delay timer and an ability to customize your own programs. Here’s a rundown of some of the more important specifications in more detail.

  • If you like to have variety in your bread then the Russell Hobbs 12683 Breadman is definitely an option. There are over 100 different combinations of programmes available plus the ability to make your own. This means you’ll never run out of different bread, dough and cakes to make.
  • The 24 hour timer is also useful although it’s questionable whether it needs to be this long. It’s unlikely that you’ll want to set a timer 24 hours you want to bread ready although it’s nice to have this option. What’s more important is that the 12683 has the ability to be left overnight without burning the bread.
  • There is also a variable control for temperature when using the bake cycle.
  • Along with the standard bread the Russell Hobbs 12683 Breadman can also bake nut, herb and fruit bread using the built in dispenser. These ingredients are added automatically – you don’t have to hang around waiting for the beep to add some nuts to the loaf.
  • Some of the programmes included with the model are white bread, French bread, pizza dough and jam. All of these can be watched through the viewing window.
  • Other features included with the Russell Hobbs 12683 Breadman breadmaker is the ability to bake three different sized loaves, a power fail safety setting and complementary recipe cards so you can start baking bread straight away.

What people say about the Russell Hobbs 12683 breadmaker

Although on paper this appears to be an impressive machine it has been met with mixed reactions from people who’ve bought it on Amazon. Examples of complaints include that as a machine it doesn’t last long without needing to be replaced and that it struggles with baking the smaller 1lb loaf.

A similar breadmaker that is around the same price is the Panasonic SD255 breadmaker which you may want to consider before making a decision.[phpbay]russell hobbs breadman, 3, “”, “”[/phpbay]

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