Russell Hobbs 17887 Fastbake Bread Maker

The Russell Hobbs 17887 Fastbake breadmaker may not be one of the most popular bread machines on the market at the moment, but comes with enough features to make it worth looking at before making a decision. Aside from the standard loaf size choices and programmes, the Russell Hobbs 17887 breadmaker comes with a 58 minute fastbake feature and two different kneading blades. This is said to improve the taste of the loaf. Read on to find out more about the features of the machine, as well as what people have been saying about it in Russell Hobbs 17887 Fastbake breadmaker reviews.

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Russell Hobbs 17887 Fastbake Breadmaker Specification

  • The Russell Hobbs 17887 Fastbake breadmaker can cook loaves of bread up to a maximum of 3lb. The other two loaf sizes it’s capable of cooking are 2lb and 2.5lb.
  • The 58 minute quick bake function is perfect when you’re in a rush.
  • There are 11 different combinations of programmes, which means you’ll always be able to add variety to your loaves.
  • Russell Hobbs claim that the two separate kneading blades provide a better mixing, and hence better tasting, loaf of bread.
  • Other features include an LCD display, power cut off feature and a 13 hour delay timer in case you want to have the bread ready for the morning.
  • “Coolwall” feature means that the surfaces don’t get too hot while the breadmaker is in use.

Russell Hobbs 17887 Fastbake Breadmaker Reviews

In general, most people are very happy with their Russell Hobbs 17887 breadmaker. The machine comes with a range of different programmes, and seems to be able to cook high quality bread nearly all the time. You’re always free to add your own ingredients and twists to recipes too.

There are some downsides though. Firstly, some people have complained about the breadmakers recipe book which isn’t said to be 100% correct. Not everyone has had problems with the book though – and it’s always a good idea to get a separate recipe book when buying a breadmaker. The jam programme is also said to be disappointing, as the machine isn’t able to cope with a large amount of fruit. On the whole though, the Russell Hobbs 17887 Fastbake breadmaker reviews are positive about the machine.
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1 Response to Russell Hobbs 17887 Fastbake Bread Maker

Maria Loveday

March 9th, 2013 at 8:29 pm

Well designed Bread Maker. The recipe for Basic Loaf is wrong, too little liquid volume given, had to add extra 50 mls of H2O.
The recipes book lets it down.
Having said that the first loaf came out fine, after I altered the volumes.

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