Russell Hobbs

Russell Hobbs are another popular company that manufacture bread makers. It’s important to be aware of the many different companies that produce bread makers so that you have the best chance of making the right decision. After all, the better the bread maker the better the wholemeal or white bread you can produce! There are a number of different Russell Hobbs breadmakers and available and this page will provide you with an overview of the most common. You can also use the links to see the most popular available on Amazon and eBay at the moment.

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According to Russell Hobbs, their company has built up a reputation for high quality kitchenware across the UK. The company is now over 50 years old and have continuously created new and exciting products for people’s kitchens.

Russell Hobbs Bread Makers

Although Russell Hobbs don’t have the same selection as other brands such as Morphy Richards there’s no doubt that they should be considered. Generally a Russell Hobbs bread maker will cost less than a similar model of a different brand although there are some exceptions to this rule.

Russell Hobbs 17887 Fast Bake Breadmaker

The 17877 Fast Bake does exactly what it’s name suggests – bake bread quickly. If you’re looking for a machine that can bake a new loaf of bread in three different sizes in under an hour then it may be the perfect choice for you. It also comes with 11 different programs for creating a number of different types of bread and a couple of kneading blades so that your loaf tastes as good as possible.

One thing to remember is that the texture of the bread as well as the taste can be affected by many different things – even if they seem relatively insignificant. For this reason you should follow recipes exactly. Another feature is that the bread pan is non-stick which means you won’t have the incredibly frustrating problem of baking the perfect load of bread only to ruin it trying to get it out the pan!

Russell Hobbs 18036 Breadmaker

At only £50 the Russell Hobbs 18036 is definitely amongst the budget bread makers that are available on the market. For this reason you wouldn’t expect it to be the highest quality breadmaker on the market. With that said, most people would agree that it does the basics well and can make a good loaf as long as it’s used correctly.

The 18036 comes with a 13 hour delay which may not be long enough for some people but can still be a good way of baking overnight. It also allows you to bake three different loaf sizes at 1lb, 1.6lb and 2.2lb. A useful feature is the keep-warm ability which allows you to eat the bread some time after it’s been baked without having to accept that it’ll be stone cold.

One problem that some people have ad with the 18036 is that it doesn’t alter the crust colour as effectively as it should although it’s not known whether this is an isolated problem or not.

Russell Hobbs 12683 Breadman Breadmaker

The breadman range of breadmakers is one of Russell Hobbs most famous and well-known. At £80 the 12683 certainly isn’t the cheapest bread maker on the market but it does come with a massive 110 different program combinations so you can bake the perfect loaf of bread for you. It also comes with a 24 hour delay timer which provides a high level of freedom when it comes to baking whilst you’re asleep or not around. There are problems with the Russell Hobbs 12683 but it’s definitely a bread maker to consider.

Other features include an ability to dispense herbs into the bread and regular intervals, bake a number of different breads such as whole-wheat, fruit and nut and white and a rapid mode which allows you to bake bread an hour quicker. The great thing about the 12683 is that ir provides you with much more ability to create the perfect loaf for you –there are far fewer constraints to deal with.
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