Severin Cool Touch Breadmaker

A recent addition to Severin’s collection is the Severin Breadmaker Cool Touch Breadmaker. As a breadmaker the device allows people to prepare and serve mouthwatering bread recipes. Looking stylish and clean in white, cool touch housing, this model of Severin offers advanced baking capabilities.

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The food capacity is up to 1 kilogram, with 12 cook settings for many bread varieties. With Severine Breadmaker it is easy to bake wholemeal bread, cakes, dough for pizza or bun, and marmalades.

The breadmaker’s LCD display comes with a straightforward control panel which has been made with functionality and style in mind.. The cooking timer, which can be as long as 13 hours, is designed for busy home bakers who need to juggle between tasks.

The Cool Touch breadmaker features a large viewing window with detachable lid to have a peek on how close the bread is from consumption. The non-stick coating is deliberately designed for easy cleaning and ease of use. Other unique features are included for enhanced baking experience, and these are “keep warm” function, and three browning or crust settings according to user’s preferences.

The ‘keep warm’ feature allows the bread to be warm for up to an hour following the completion of baking. To use the Severin Cool Touch, it requires maximum of 450 watts. Its energy consumption is 230 voltage or 50 Hertz.

Upon purchase, the package comes with 1 recipe book, a measuring cup, measuring spoon and a warranty of two years. The breadmaker itself is compact in its 33.5cm, 28.5 cm, and 26.5 cm dimensions for its width length and height. Its weight is 4.6kg.

During cooking, Severin breadmaker Cool Touch breadmaker has a built-in buzzer signal which gives off a soft sound to remind the baker that it is time to add complementary ingredients. If a power failure occurs, there is no need to fret as the device can keep the pre-programmed task—which you can select with the baking cycle selector—for up to 7 minutes.

The kneading and baking operation are of course automatic with Cool Touch breadmaker. For its kneading tasks, the device comes with a baking pan and handle which are non-stick for safe dishwashing, and detachable for ease. The kneading hooks are for safety handling of the pan and handle.

Severin is a German company that has been in the industry making lives better for people since 1892. Based on the reviews of people whose lives are enhanced with Severin breadmaker Cool Touch breadmaker, the device lived up to its descriptions.

They are able to enjoy baking the recipes found on the cooking booklet with much ease. After baking, the breadmaker does not have any issues as long as the instructions are followed. It is also longer lasting. This should not come as a surprise since most of Severin products are built to last.
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