What To Look For In Bread Maker Reviews

If you want to buy a new bread maker then researching bread maker reviews is very important. There are a number of different bread machines available on the market and it isn’t always easy to know which one to go for. Before you start looking for bread maker reviews, however, you should always ensure you know how much you have available to spend. This will help narrow down the market and allow you to make a decision that’s right for you and your family.

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Here are some of the things you need to keep in mind when looking at bread maker reviews.

  1. How large is the bread machine and how big is its tray? It’s important to know how much workspace the machine will take up in the kitchen as well as the size of loaf it can produce. For example, many bread machines can bake three different sizes i.e. 1.5lb, 1lb and 2lb.
  2. Another consideration is what colour the machine is. For example, the Morphy Richards 48248 Graphite looks fantastic in more modern kitchens but may not work well in traditional ones. Generally, bread makers are either made out of stainless steel or are plain white although there are exceptions. Morphy Richards bread machines are usually more “out there” in style though.
  3. Some bread makers come with a setting to adjust the crust. When looking at bread maker reviews you should keep an eye out for this as it can be a useful feature – especially if you have a family who’re fussy about the type of bread they like to eat. Standard bread makers usually come with a light, medium or dark crust setting although there are more advanced settings in higher priced models.
  4. If you’ve never baked a loaf of bread using a bread machine before then it can be difficult to know how to create the right shape! A bread maker should make baking the perfect loaf as simple as possible. Some will come with a kneading blade which allows you to shape it to a greater degree. Again, this is something you’ll want to watch out for when reading reviews.
  5. A delay timer is essential if you want to bake bread overnight and have it ready for when you wake up in the morning. Make sure you know how long the timer can be set for – usually between 12 and fifteen hours – and whether it can be programmed.
  6. Many bread makers come with different programmes to allow you to bake different types of bread. Some even allow you to bake cakes or jam! You should check exactly what programmes a particular bread machine has before making a choice to ensure that you aren’t disappointed when you get it out the packet.

It’s ALWAYS a good idea to read customer reviews of bread makers before you buy. Websites such as Amazon.co.uk allow you to view and read what other people thought of the product. It’s usually obvious almost straight away whether a particular machine is good or not. Be careful to not make your mind up based on a single positive or negative reviews though – you need to take into account the overall feeling of reviewers before making your mind up.
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